What time is it?

Time is powerful. It helps to heal, when you are in physical pain or sad or in mourning of a loss. Sometimes it seems to go slowly, when you are excited and waiting for something. Sometimes it goes fast, like when you look back at the last year and say “where did the time go?”

It’s only been a short amount of time since the tragic loss of my nephew and as time goes by, and the healing process continues, I am using the time to remember J as the sweet and loving young man that he was. This is what gets me through each day.

It’s also been a year since he left me and that time seemed to go by sorta fast. I look back and I see what I have accomplished since then.  I have been able to afford to stay in the house by making some changes in my financial life, even with the extra added expense of my lawyer, UGH!. I have tackled the chore of cooking(I never cooked before), and I am no chef by any means. The crockpot has become my friend. I took a couple small trips away from my dogs, which wasn’t easy since they are my rocks rights now.  I am maintaining my car, which I never had to worry about in the past(he was an auto mechanic).

What a difference a year makes! Time marches on….where will it take me next? Only time will tell.


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