Couple of updates..

When my nephew passed 3 weeks ago, I really struggled with the decision to let my soon-to-be-ex know the tragic news. He and my nephew had a pretty close relationship. My ex and I have not spoken since he left me last May, except through lawyers. I have no way to reach him so I sent an email to one of his sisters to please let him know. She did pass on the information and my ex posted a very touching letter on the Legacy page online for my nephew. My mom saw it first and notified me. When I read it, I cried for multiple reasons. 1. is because my of nephew passing, 2. for seeing my ex write something so touching and emotional, (this is the man that I remember) and 3. the thought that if my ex was still around, he might have been able to talk some sense into my nephew before everything happened. Who knows? You can’t look back.

And on another sad note, the sister who lost her son, also just lost her 12 year old dog to natural causes. So much loss in a short amount of time.

Some other updates…The divorce is picking up some speed, a final property settlement was sent and I am awaiting his signature. I went to the bank and started the refinancing process, so once he signs over the house, it will be all mine! Of course, so will all of the responsibility as well, the upkeep, taxes, etc.  I can do it but I don’t plan on staying here, too many memories over the last 23 years here. My plan is to move closer to my family and back to my home town, about 45 minutes away. I hate moving but it will be a fresh start to the next chapter of my life.



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