Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s been 9 days since my last post and I have been so busy!

The handy man came back and hung the TV in my bedroom, hung a cabinet over my toilet, and fixed a down spout outside.

I had an electrician come and put a light in my very dark entry way, fix an outdoor outlet, replace an outdoor light and he put in a circuit for my new air conditioner mentioned below. About 2/3rds of my house is on 1 circuit, something I am sure I will have to look into another time.

I bought a small can of paint to test the color and I love it. I used the whole can and I was able to paint wall done in the kitchen so far. I need to buy 2-3 gallons to do the rest of the kitchen, living room and a hallway. I am painting everything this Sat with my cousins help. After I paint, then I can unpacks some more boxes and hang more on the walls.

I ordered a screen/pet door from Lowes and they are installing it later this month.

I am going back to the DMV tomorrow to register my car. I got my new license today!

I went to see a new Doctor and I like her.

I took my dog to a new Vet who I really like as well.

The things I ordered last week, the kitchen cart, a bench for my entryway and a sofa bed for my spare room, all arrived and look great.

I started hanging some pictures in the rooms that I am not painting.

I got a really nice table for the back yard for free from my cousin, I just need chairs.

The weather here has been crazy! Rain, wind, fog, sun..it cant decide what it wants to do. But there was 2 days of 94 degrees and me and my doggy were melting.

So I ordered an air conditioner and it came today, hence the new dedicated circuit.

My new kitchen table and chairs arrived today.

I also got 2 wicker love seats, a coffee table with storage and an end table today for FREE and in great shape. My uncle’s neighbor was getting rid of it and offered it to me!

Its’ like Christmas, Chanukah and my birthday all in 1 day.

So that’s all the house related stuff…I have also been very busy socially.

I met a neighbor and we have walked together twice so far,

I joined a meet up group of ladies who walk every Tues and Thurs and I met 2 of the ladies last Thurs. We went to a fun food truck event and listened to some live music.

I went to a veterans event with my cousin and her father/my uncle who is 92 and a WWII vet.

My cousin and I have seen a couple of local bands, Heavy Rescue, made up of all fire fighters and Brass Attack, a 9 piece band who plays all really great music you can dance to…even though I don’t dance, I still really enjoy listening.

I also went to a wine tasting run by a wine expert who was so informative.

I cant wait to share the before and after photos of everything that I have done since I moved in. Shouldn’t be long now so stay tuned…




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Getting stuff done!

So I have been in my new house for one month. I have accomplished a lot in the last 2 weeks since my last blog;

Inside the house, I got new bedding so now I can choose a paint color for my bedroom.  

I contacted a handy man to hang my tv on the wall since I don’t have any room for another piece of furniture to put the tv on.

I met with a designer to help with paint colors and I also ordered 2 really cute cube ottomans for my living room. I needed more seating other then my very little sectional. 

I got a really cute new shower curtain with a beach theme and some new pillows for the sofa.

I got a rug and an umbrella for my little deck. 

I found a new Dr for me and a vet for my dog. 

I also braved the DMV and got my new license. I stupidly forgot my title to my car so I will have to back to register my car. They were nice enough to give me a fast pass to get to the front of the line when I go back.

I will definitely post before and after pictures of the rooms when every room is done. 

I have been walking the dog to the beach almost every day and seems happy to get out of the house and explore her new neighborhood. 

I met a neighbor to walk with as well. On a mission to get healthier. 

I am expecting some deliveries this week… I ordered a kitchen cart, a bench for my entryway and a sofa bed for my spare room. Got to have a place for my friends and family to sleep when they come to visit.

More things on the to do list; 

Paint the living room and kitchen

Hang all my canvas photos

Unpacking more boxes

Get a kitchen set

Find a dentist 

Find a gynecologist 

Just to name a few.

More to come so stay tuned…

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Settling in…

I have now been in my new house for 2 weeks and I have gotten a lot accomplished but I still a lot to do too.

I got a new bed, dresser, sofa, refrigerator, washer and dryer. I got new car insurance, pet insurance, set up an oil delivery and maintenance contract.

I have unpacked a lot of boxes but have a bunch to go still but I want to paint 3 rooms before I unpack everything. I hired a decorator from the furniture store where I got my furniture from and she’s going to help me with paint colors and some design ideas.

Today my real estate agent, who helped me find my house, came over today bearing gifts and took the infamous photo..

She also got me a personalized address stamp as well which is not in the picture.

I cried a little during the exchange, moving was such a big deal for me and I did it!

I also registered on a website called Next Door where you can meet your neighbors that have also registered. Several people have welcomed me to the neighborhood and I started some conversations with three people. I am now walking with a girl on Sunday and going to a parade with another girl on Monday. I am very excited to meet new people and make new friends.

Also, I’ve been walking the dog on nice weather days and we get stopped a lot by people admiring Casey and that starts the conversation. So it’s another great way to meet people.

So so far, so good here at the new house. Casey has settled in well and is sleeping through the night and so am I actually as well.

Once the paint is up and I start decorating the rooms I can start posting before and after pictures. So stay tuned…

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I am finally in my new home!!

Both settlements went smoothly, in fact, I made money at my settlement of my new house. That was a nice surprise!

May 2, closing at my old house

May 2-7, I stayed a with one sister, while my dog stayed at another sister, long story but it was just more convenient this way.

Mat 7-11, With my car packed to the gills of the things I will need right away and for 1 night, I drove to the town where my new house is (4.5 hours away) and stayed in a hotel. I wanted to be there a couple days early. I used to the time to work and to go to a couple of furniture stores to get some ideas before I moved in.

May 11, settlement on the new house!

May 11-16 I stayed in my new home, my POD with all of my belongings arrived, I ordered appliances and furniture, my mom and dad came to help unpack and to fix a couple things around the house. The electrician came to fix a couple of things. The cable company came so I am all hooked up!

ALL my stuff in a 7x7x8 POD! Thank god I sold and donated about 1/2 of my belongings and all of my furniture!

May 16-19 I had to come back to the area of my original home for some work meetings  so I stayed at my sisters again.

My dog stayed with my youngest sister from 5/1-5/19 and I only saw her once during that time. It was really hard and I missed her so much.

I am so grateful and appreciative to my family for all of their help during my transition from one house to the other.

May 19, me and my dog drove to our new home!

This was my dogs’ first long ride in her 12 years. She did really well and just laid down the whole time, even though it ended up being a 6 hour drive instead of a 4.5hr drive due to traffic!

We arrived and Casey walked and looked around the house and the back yard. I think she approves.


Our new house is a 6 minute walk to the beach so today we finally went to the beach! Casey has never been on a beach before and true to her demeanor, it didn’t faze her one bit. She got close to the water, got her feat wet, walked around the sand and then laid  down and just took in her surroundings.

My appliances arrive on Monday and I still have lots of boxes to unpack. I want to paint 3 rooms so I am holding off on fully unpacking until that’s done.

Some neighbors have come over to introduce themselves which made me feel good.

I am excited to make this house my own!

What was an idea to move last summer, is now reality! I sold my house and bought a new one, 4 states away, ALL BY MYSELF!!

Let my new life begin!!

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New England bound!

I closed on my house on Tuesday! I can’t believe it finally happened!

The plan to move was born in the summer of 2016 and it now it’s hear!!

I can’t believe that I did this… and all by myself!!

I sold or gave away over 1/2 of my possessions! Downsizing feels liberating!

I made some last minute fixes to my house and put it on the market.

I lived in a staged home for 3 months until it SOLD!!

The buyers wanted to close in 3 months! This ended up being a good thing in my case. I drove 4-5 times to my new destination, 4.5 hours away, to find a house. I saw lots of houses but nothing was working out. The market had picked up, especially in my price point. Houses were listed and sold with in days! Timing was crucial!

On my last trip, and 1 month till my house was closing, a cute house came on the market and I was the first to see it!  I made an offer right away! They accepted! Inspections were done, the deal was made! I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

Now I could really put things in motion. I sold all my furniture! Thanks to craigslist, offerup, letgo, and facebook, I sold a leather sofa, king size bed, armoire, bedside tables entertainment unit, coffee table, kitchen set, patio set, and some other smaller things.

I am left with an air mattress, a desk and all my personal belongings that I did not part with.  Makes moving a lot easier!

I hired Pods to move my stuff. Thankfully, a coworker/friend helped me load it. I could have NEVER done it myself! I got all my stuff in a 7’x7’x8′ container. They pick it up, store it and deliver it to my new destination. I had to fill it and will have to empty it myself as well.


In the first picture, you can see all the twine I used to secure everything. There are so many bungee cords and twine used to avoid any shifting. We will see how well it worked when my my pod is delivered on the 12th. I am envisioning cutting 1 string and everything exploding out like in a cartoon.

So I closed on my house this week but I don’t have settlement on the new house till next week so I am very fortunate to have family who took me and my dog in for time in between.  I am also thankful that my family has helped me throughout this whole process in various ways. From, encouragement to home repair to moving my stuff, storing my stuff. Their assistance has been so amazing and appreciated. I could have never done something like this with out them all. I can never thank them enough. I love you Mom, Joe, Suzy, Missy, Marci and Stephanie!

I am going to my new location, a couple days before settlement, and staying in a hotel, where I can work and shop for what I need and have everything delivered when I move in; a bed, a sofa, kitchen set, etc. Settlement is on Thursday so Friday will be a flurry of activity. I have the cable company, an electrician(a couple of issues found in inspection that the seller is crediting me to have fixed), and the POD all coming on Friday. My mom and dad are also coming for the weekend to help me as well. I am very fortunate to have family support.

So much planning and so many decisions made. My body and mind are tired. I am so looking forward to being in my new place and making it my own! Starting fresh, starting over.  It will be an adventure! Just me and my doggy exploring our new surroundings and making the best of our new life.

More to come so stay tuned….

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Moving updates

I’m getting excited about my move but I had lots of hurdles to jump through so far…

Issues at the current house;

Inspections have been done and I had to pay for a couple things to be fixed…ugh!! Some electrical issues, and a chimney issue to the tune of @$1700. total. I also had to replace my hot water heater for another $1k. 

Issues at the new house;

Inspections there also found some electrical, heater and flooring issues. 

The seller has agreed to credit me for the electrical and heater work that needs to be done instead of fixing them herself. The flooring issue is something I will have to tackle over time. It isn’t a life threatening problem so it can wait to be dealt with at a later time.

So I have ordered Pods to move all my belonging, cheap and easy. 

And during all of this, I had to have 2 wisdom teeth taken out…it never ends. 

Another wrinkle is that my job (offices are located near my current house) has surprised us with 2 days of corporate meetings, 1 week after I move to the new house. So I will have a lot of driving to do in May. 

I close on my current house on 5/2 and I close on the new house on 5/11. Luckily, I have family who can take me and my dog in between the 2 closings. 

I can’t wait to get settled and start my new life.

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The search is over!!!

Yes, it’s true, I finally found and bought a house!

It only took; *3-4 months and  3 or 4 visits to the state where I am moving to and

tons of miles driven back and forth(4.5 hours away from my current home)

* tons of hours looking at homes online and emails back and forth with

my agent

* touring about 20-30 homes in person(after weeding out the ones

not worth seeing)

* 3 offers on 2 houses(long story) and losing the first 2

*Tons of  phone calls and encouragement from my sister

*LOTS of patience!!!!

But lets look at the bigger picture…

My cousin came up with the idea to move around summer of 2016 and I;

*sold or gave away most of my belongings and all of my furniture

*listed and sold my house in 3 months

*found a house to buy ALL BY MYSELF, in my budget, which was not easy!!!!

I am very proud of myself for accomplishing all of this in a relatively short amount of time. Less then a year!! But once I put my mind to something, I usually make it happen.

I have to give props to my agent Margaret, who sold my house, and the agent Mary, who helped me find a house. Two great ladies who I am lucky enough to also call my friends.

So now, it’s time to get organized! Closing is in May for both houses. I am mostly packed, except for daily living essentials. I also printed out a  “what to do and when you are moving list”  so I can stay organized.

I sold all my furniture, except for my bed, which I will list soon. It’s the same bed I shared with my ex so IT HAS TO GO!  It wont fit in my new house anyway.

I cant wait to get there and make it my own! I am thinking about a coastal theme since I will be so close to the water!

The new house is a 6 minute walk to the beach!!

Excited to start this new chapter of my life!!89bd561f8fb04b657d2c16041076f53al-m2xd-w1020_h770_q80




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