Sadness and progress…

So much going on…from the recent tragedy, my nephews death, R.I.P J, to my divorce proceedings.

The healing process has begun. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you down the road. Such a young man to leave us so soon. Thank you for all of your kinds words of support.

Please do NOT drink and drive.

Please wear your seat belt.

Tell your loved ones every day that you love them.

Don’t Text and Drive!

Regarding my divorce, we are making progress. He has agreed to everything that I want!!!  The dogs stay with me!! He is still asking for a couple more little things but they are doable and not worth fighting over. One thing I will NOT give in on is that he wants ME to incur the cost of and to ship the rest of his personal things to him….which I think he must be on something if he thinks I will do that. He left me…I am not doing anything to make his life easier. I even gave up my portion of his retirement so I could have the house and not have to deal with him at all in the future.  I also got word to him about the loss in my family since he and my nephew had a very good relationship and he has yet to and probably wont reach out with his condolences. Who does that????? A piece of shit is who! So this could be over sooner then I thought, thank god. Then I can truly move on with my life.



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