What a difference a year makes

I can’t believe that it’s been a year.  Remember when you were young and a year took for ever? As you waited for your birthday, summer break, Halloween, Christmas,  you know, the biggest things in a kids life.. As an adult, a year seems to go by so quickly.

This past Sunday marks 1 year since he left. Needless to say, I have experienced so many emotions, tons of tears, anger, sadness. It’s like mourning a death, which I also did recently with the tragic loss of my nephew.  I have learned a lot, tired new things, worked hard.

I am hopefully nearing the end the divorce proceedings. For a guy who moved on and wanted out so quickly, he doesn’t seem to moving very fast. But when it is all over, I can truly move on with my life. The house will be mine, to do whatever I want with, which I plan to sell.

So what I have learned in the past year?

1. I don’t like being alone. I work from home and talk to people all day, brides no less. The night time can be very quiet. I do have the dogs and a cat to keep my company but it’s just not the same as another human being to talk with.

2. I had to learn to cook, at least a little. The crock pot has become my friend. And Pinterest has tons of great and easy recipes.

3. I learned who my friends really are. There were no surprises there though, thank god for family and friends.

4. Asking for help is not a bad thing. Again, thank you family and friends.

5. Living with a budget is nothing new but when the household income is cut in half but the bills stay relatively the same, sheesh! That’s a learning curve for sure. I made lots of changes so I could afford to stay in this house until I am able to leave.

6. I knew this already but now that I am paying one, lawyers cost a lot of money!!!!!!!!!! My budget is taking a real hit for sure.

7. The things in your house are just stuff and so not worth fighting over. Things can be replaced.

8. I have considered myself a strong person in general and this experience has just made me stronger.

9. Blogging is very therapeutic.

So where am I headed?

I am nervous and excited to sell my house and move to a new place. I hate moving but I can not stay here, way too many memories. And to buy a house that will be all mine will be an accomplishment, a lot of responsibility, but worth it!

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