19 months and its 99% over

My divorce was final on 12/3(3 days before my 50th birthday) but I got the notice in the mail today!!!

How do I feel, you ask?

Well, I feel empty, relieved, happy, sad, broke, and like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

There’s just one more detail that has to be taken care of.

I was so good this entire time and followed everything by the book but now, since I played that prank, the deed is being held by his lawyer. He is requesting money for the “damage” I caused to his stuff.

LOL There was no damage. He is just being a jerk to the final end.

I need that deed so I can get the mortgage in my name only. Then I can start fresh financially. This divorce cost me a lot of money, money I really didn’t have, but I made it work. Thank god my lawyer takes payments.

I also decided that I will not change my name for now. It’s not worth the aggravation at this time.

What an ordeal. I learned a lot and I don’t want to ever go through this again.


7 thoughts on “19 months and its 99% over

  1. After my divorce, I received a lot of “congratulations.” I wasn’t sure it that was exactly what I wanted to hear but I accepted it. I changed my name and it was a little difficult but well worth it. There was no way i was keeping that scumbags’ name (even though he wanted me to…”because it would be easier for you.”) Right.
    Endings are almost always sad, but if you are happy and ready to start a new chapter, then all my best wishes go out to you.

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    1. I agree I do not want to keep his name but I am just so tired from the whole process that maybe I’ll tackle that another time. You’re right, congratulations is a strange thing to hear. It’s a bittersweet moment for sure.


      1. If you are going to take back your identity, do it before you get the deed processed. Are you asking for a “quit claim deed?” If you change your name before it is done, you will avoid more hoops to jump through later.

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      2. Yes that’s the way we are going. The deed will be put into my name only and alone as well. I’m not worried about the name change right now to be honest with you. I am physically and emotionally drained from the 19 months so if I do it it’ll be later.


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