I admit that I am a pretty emotional person, so much so that I can even cry during some commercials, depending on the subject. You know… those specific beer commercials they show during the Superbowl for example? If I see someone crying, I cry too.

So of course, I have cried plenty of tears since he left me last May. Just hugging someone after he left made me emotional, the human contact triggered the tears. I am definitely getting better in that I am not crying about that so much any more. Weddings, baby births, inspirational stories, triumphant human or animal stories, they all get me going. But when I see a touching commercial, an emotional subject on a TV show or in a movie, a great story online, and I start crying, it feels different now.   I find myself shifting my thoughts from the what made me start crying to what I am going through now.

When will a good cry just be a good cry and not bring back such sad memories?

Does anyone else share this feeling?

On a happier note, I have a mantra that I say every night before I go to sleep which is “good things will happen, good things will happen, good things will happen”

What is your mantra?



4 thoughts on “Tears

  1. I cry at commercials, too! The one where Peter comes home for Christmas and surprises everyone always made me cry. And almost any of the Budweiser commercials but especially the one they ran last year with the sweet little Golden Retriever that got lost and was about to be attacked by wolves before the Budweiser horses came to his rescue.

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  2. Yes, lots of things make me cry but my point was when the emotion would stop bringing my brain back to my ex or just stay in the moment of the subject that made me cry in the first place. Crying is ok but you cant cry forever. You must move on, you know?


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