Pets and divorce

Still going through the divorce process,  10 months now, and my lawyer called me today. He recently received a letter from “the other side” that claims that “he” now wants the dogs. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? After everything you did to me and now you want to take the dogs??? He is claiming that they are “his” dogs when we acquired them together.  What the hell is he thinking???  Is he just trying to hurt me more? We don’t have children, just the 2 dogs and a cat. These dogs and cat give me purpose every day.

They cost a lot of money and restrict me from the life of a single person but I love them and need them. Why does he feel that he should have them or deserves them. He is already shacking up with someone, engaged to her(1 month after he left me ) and has 2 dogs with her. Why be so spiteful, so disrespectful?

I cant wait till this is all over and I can move on with my life!!!!



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