Coping day to day

As the days, weeks and months went by, after he left, I tried to stay busy. But that wasn’t always easy. I didn’t really have any hobbies or a lot of extra money to start one. I also didn’t have the motivation to do anything either. I had a little extra to meet a friend for dinner once in a while. I am very good with budgets and I was making it work on my limited income. My legal bills were really cramping my style. How long would the divorce proceedings go on? I just wanted to move on with my life.

I was getting a lot of advise from my single and divorced friends. One friend suggested that I change all my bed and bath linens. I took that advise.  Nice and fresh! Another friend said that I should have something to do every weekend. Getting out of the house was crucial. I work from home, so a change of scenery was a necessity. Being in the house was also bringing back so many memories. So I reached out to family and friends and stayed as busy as I could.

During the spring and summer, I could take the dogs for walks but I am not a fan of the cold, so when winter came, I stayed in a lot. I am not a fan of working out, in fact, I am pretty lazy. I would much rather walk then do any other type of exercise.  I used to love to dance in high school and college, I was much thinner back then. So I got myself a exercise trampoline. I put on the fun dance music channels on the TV and had my own private dance party. I started out slow and just jumped around for 15 minutes, 3-4 times a week. I worked up to a 1/2 hour. Perfect winter work out.

Then the holidays came. I have always loved the holiday season. I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, emotionally or financially. Fortunately, my work bonus helped me through this time. Being alone during the holidays was a new thing for me. The first time in my adult life. It was not fun. Luckily, since I was single, I had a lot less people to get gifts for so that did help me. I also wasn’t going to decorate my house but I did, just in case I had any visitors.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day, I was with family, which was great. New Years Eve and New Years day, I was alone. I didn’t want to go out because I didn’t want to be on the roads. I watched movies and the countdown alone. I had a couple pity parties for myself(cried a couple of times). I had to get out of this funk. 2015 has got to be a better year!

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