2022, a Year in Review

Another year comes to a close. And what a year it has been.

Where should I start…

On the Doggy front, I had 21 over night guests and 40 day visits…mostly due to 1 dog, I watch 1 day a week. I have been watching him for 3 and a 1/2 years now. I cant believe that its been that long.

As I mentioned before, I am taking a step back from boarding. Lynne’s Doggy BnB has been hosting doggy guests for 4 and 1/2 years and I need to take a break. I will still continue to do day care but no more overnights.

This will give me more time to explore more walking trails.

Speaking of walking trails, Dave and I have covered a lot of territory this year but have so much more to see. Here is a list of all the trails we have walked so far, including the link for more information;

2/18-2/19/22 Stayed in Fairhaven MA and Went to Fort Taber and Fort Phoenix http://forttaber.org/


3/14/22 Biscuit City Trail Kingston RI https://sklt.org/land-we-protect/trail-maps/

3/20/22 Stepstone Falls West Greenwich RI https://newenglandwaterfalls.com/ri-stepstonefalls.html

3/20/22 Bleachery Woods East Greenwich, RI https://trailsandwalksri.wordpress.com/2018/02/15/bleachery-pond-east-greenwich/

3/28/22 The National Monument of our Forefathers Plymouth MA https://www.mass.gov/locations/national-monument-to-the-forefathers

4/3/22 Hunts Mills Trail East Providence RI https://exploreri.org/gSiteReport2.php?siteID=67&src=siteList

4/10/22 Goddard Park Warwick RI https://riparks.com/Locations/LocationGoddard.html

4/10/22 Prospect Terrace Providence RI https://www.visitrhodeisland.com/listing/prospect-terrace/8476/

4/10/22 Taylor Point Lookout Jamestown RI https://taylorpoint.org/

4/24/22 Frenchtown Park and Frye Nature Preserve East Greenwich RI http://www.rifamiliesinnature.org/2015/08/18/frenchtown-park/

5/1/22 John H. Chafee Rome Point Preserve North Kingstown, RI https://www.riparks.com/Locations/LocationJohnHChafee.html

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of this location.

5/14-5/16/22 We went to PA and stopped at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ A MUST SEE https://www.groundsforsculpture.org/

6/25/22 Cliff Walk Newport RI http://www.cliffwalk.com/

6/25/22 Brenton Point Newport RI https://riparks.com/parks/brenton.php

7/3/22 Salter Grove Memorial Park Warwick RI https://friendsofsaltergrove.org/

7/9/22 Blackstone Park Providence RI https://www.blackstoneparksconservancy.org/the-parks/blackstone-conservation-district/

7/23/22 Audubon Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge Greenville RI https://asri.org/hike/wildliferefuges/powder-mill-ledges-wildlife-refuge-asri-headquarters.html

7/23/22 Mowry Conservation Area Smithfield RI https://www.smithfieldri.com/seven-scenic-walks/#mowry

7/28-8/2/22 We went to Canada

8/14/22 Browning Mill Pond Richmond RI https://www.hikingproject.com/trail/7076701/browning-mill-pond-loop

8/20/22 Purgatory Chasm Sutton MA https://newengland.com/today/travel/massachusetts/the-legend-of-purgatory-chasm/

8/20/22 Blackstone Gorge Blackstone MA https://www.theoutbound.com/massachusetts/hiking/hike-the-blackstone-gorge-trail

8/21/22 Palmer’s Island New Bedford MA https://destinationnewbedford.org/listing/palmers-island/

8/21/2 Osprey Marsh Marion MA https://sippicanlandstrust.org/2017/10/osprey-marsh-boardwalk-project/

8/21/22 Horseshoe Mill Wareham MA https://www.savebuzzardsbay.org/places-to-go/horseshoe-mill/

8/27/22 Tippecanset Trail Exeter RI http://www.mdc.net/~dbrier/yawgoog/trails/tippecansett-n.html

9/5/22 Martin Wildlife Refuge Seekonk, MA https://www.seekonklandtrust.org/lands-we-protect.html

9/5/22 Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge Seekonk MA https://asri.org/

10/21-10/23/22 Took a trip to Long Island NY

10/29/22 Florence Sutherland Fort & Richard Knight Fort Fort Nature Refuge North Smithfield RI https://asri.org/hike/wildliferefuges/fort-wildlife-refuge.html

12/3 and 12/4/22 Took a trip to Cape Cod MA https://heleftnowwhatblog.com/2022/12/08/two-2-day-getaways-back-to-back/?fbclid=IwAR2vOMb233lntN8-n6NPwvy-jGgkCcH768y8IIEJy61RVTsG4Nl77zV9XTE

I you are interested in seeing these and other great trails, here is a great link https://exploreri.org/gtraillist.php

Its’s been 8 years since I have been posting my stories. I didn’t think I could write a blog, but it looks like I could and can. Thank you all for reading and for all of your support.

Happy holidays and happy trails!

3 thoughts on “2022, a Year in Review

  1. Wow! You did have an adventurous year! I love all the photos you’ve been sharing not only here but all year long. Your photography is stunning.
    I’m so happy we got to be friends this past year. Hoping the new year is filled with joy and more adventures for you and Dave.

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