It’s just stuff…

I am selling my furniture for two reasons …The furniture is just a reminder of my life with my ex 


It’s a lot less stuff to move.

So far I sold an entertainment unit with bookshelves and a coffee table, a patio set, 2 nightstands, a bench/mirror and my kitchen set.

I still am trying to sell an armoire, a leather sectional, and my king size, Tempur-Pedic bed.

I have not posted my bed yet because it’s nice to sleep on it until the last possible minute. I do have an air mattress I could sleep on if I have to.

I am using Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook to get the word out. Usually offer up has been successful for me but this time Craigslist and Facebook have gotten me some sales.

I am not attached to any of these things, it is just stuff. Just like when I had a big yard sale last summer of things that just weren’t important to me anymore. It’s nice to downsize, a lot less stuff to worry about.

I also think I’ve made a new friend from one of the sales. Very nice woman purchased the entertainment unit bookshelves and coffee table but sent somebody else to pick them up. We continue to talk on Facebook and have something in common so we are going to meet for lunch soon. She and I both went through the same experiences reguarding our ex-husband’s leaving us for other women after very long marriages. You never know who you’re going to meet in this world.

Speaking of my kitchen set, I have had that for 26 years. It actually felt good to let that go. But now my kitchen is so empty. I have no place to sit except on my couch with a little table to pull up if I want to sit down and eat something.

Once I sell my sofa, I could bring in two anti-gravity chairs from my deck and sit on them.
My intention was to save all the money that I make from selling all my furniture and buy new furniture with it when I reach my new destination. Well the best intentions don’t always end up how you meant them too. I am saving some of the money but I’m finding myself spending some now. Not frivolously of course, groceries, gas, essentials.

And an update on my new destination is… I still don’t have one. I have gone to the state that I am moving to three or four times now to look at properties. The market there is so incredibly fast that if it’s in my budget and decent it’s gone within a day or two and off the market. My next trip is in a couple weeks and hopefully I will find something. My house closes here on May 2nd so now I am starting to feel a little pressure. They’re definitely should be more on the market as we get closer to Spring but there will also be more competition as well.

I’m really looking forward to starting new in a new place with new furniture. I can do anything I want in my new home. I just need that place and everything will… fall into place.

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Leaving someone special

In the midst of preparing to move out-of-state, I am also dealing with leaving a man who I have grown close to over the last year and a half.

During our time together, I have realized that he is not the man for me, at least long-term. I have even tried to break up with him a couple of times but each time, we ended up back together. I am drawn to him.

He is kind, caring, loyal, loving, gentil  sweet. He’s a hard worker. He listened to me while I was going through my divorce and let my cry on his shoulder. He is very understanding. He takes me out to dinner a lot. We both aren’t good cooks so going out is easier. He is a talented musician and still performs, which is fun to watch. He is so attentive to me in every way and just wants to make me happy. He is constantly complimenting me and my body, which I am not proud of, my own personal struggle.

So why am I am not happy with him you ask?

He is 15 years older than me, which is neither a positive or a negative, except I really want to be with some closer to my  own age. He only eats maybe 6 things, we don’t agree politically, he is not a fan of kissing, which I am. He has a gun collection and I am not a fan. He says “I dont know”a lot. He isn’t passionate where I need him to be.

I don’t feel challenged. I definitely do not love him. Am I being too picky?? I have enjoyed our time together. I am not a fan of being alone and neither is he. So we are just go along until I leave. He thinks that I am making a big mistake in leaving and that we could have a great life together. I feel in my heart that I would be settling, and I can’t do that, it’s not fair to both of us.

We have always been extremely honest with each other from the very first date, which is very refreshing after everything I have gone through. He knows how I feel about him as well.

Bottom line is that if I stay, I will be lazy and just continue to see him because its comfortable. If I go, it forces me to move on, which is really best for me. It will be very difficult to leave him but I know deep down that is the right thing to do. I have till May. We decided to continue to enjoy each others company until then. Of course, he could always visit me and I could visit him when I come back to see my family.

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I sold my house!!!

In a little less then 3 months!

And I got a very good price as well!!

So now for the inspection, which should go well.

The buyers of my house cant close until 5/2, due to a lease that they are currently in so because of that, I countered  with a couple more thousand and got it!

I also made an offer on a really cute house in the new state I am moving to.

There were multiple offers before I made my offer and there is still an open house today. They are only accepting best and final offers, with no negotiation!

It’s a cute little cottage,built in 1915, in a beach town. It was totally renovated and it is move in ready!

So if get it, I would be moving in 2 months. If I don’t, then I have 3 months to find something else.

I would be going from a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. From 1300 sq feet to 900 sq feet.

I am not a fan of moving,  but after 25 years in this house, it’s time!!! Time to get rid of the last physical memories of the EX. I am not even taking any of the furniture with me. Starting fresh!

Moving will be bitter sweet. I do like this house and all the improvements that were made over the years. But I only moved here because of him.  Now I can go anywhere I want!!

Stay tuned for updates….



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Buying and Selling

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am selling my house and moving out of state.


I have had my house on the market since the beginning of November. I sold or gave away 1/2 of my belongings, which was very freeing. The house is staged well, the price was perfect based on the comps.

I had over 20 showings in Nov and 3 offers but they were all too low. I countered all of them but no one pulled the trigger.

Speaking of showings…because I work from home and I have a dog, I can only show my house at night and weekends, so that has been challenging. My dog is loving it though, all those car rides!!

Since January 1 and have had a lot of showings since. I did lower the price by $5k and now I have some second showings.


The first week of December, I went to the state, where I am moving to, to see houses and neighborhoods. It was a very eye opening experience.

My buying budget is not very big and what I was finding, that fit in my budget, was old and needed a lot of work, which I wont have the extra money for big projects.

So I came home a little dejected. I needed reevaluate my budget and my prio.

I have been looking at houses online non stop. It’s like a full time job. I widened my searching radius in the state that I am moving to. I want to be close to my family that lives there but I also need to be able to afford my new place.

I have been looking at single family homes, Condo/townhouses and manufactured homes. There are pros and cons about each option. I don’t need anything big, it just needs to be clean and move in ready. I can handle paint and cosmetics but no construction at this time.

I am finally going back to see more houses and this time, I found nicer homes online that fit in my budget and am very excited to see them in person.

I NEED TO SELL MY HOUSE! I even buried a small statue of St Joseph, which is supposed to help.

I am also selling all of the furniture. I want to start fresh in my new place. No physical memories of my past. I will use the money I make to buy new things when I get to my new home.

I need the money from my house sale to put down on the new house. I do have the option of borrowing from my 401k to make the down payment and when I sell my house, I could pay back the loan.

I am very fortunate that I work from home for a company that is very understanding. So at least I will have a job still.

Time to make this happen!!! I am excited for my new life in a new place!!! This is my year!!!



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Wine for a Cause

Happy Holidays to all my blogger buddies out there.

I want to invite you to a party.

Raise your glass and money for a great cause

at the same time!

Please join my ONLINE Wine and Gifts party while keeping warm in your home!

You can even wear your jammies!

The party location is;


I am a HUGE animal lover so my fundraiser is for Pet Adoption.

I know a ton of fellow animal lovers out there and I am sure that you do too! So please pass this party on to whoever you think likes Wine and animals.

Lets Toast to finding a lot of pets loving homes!



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Celebrating divorce with some bling!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have now been divorced for 1 year.

Boy did that year go fast!

I was just talking with my sister about this milestone. The light bulb went on and she and I came up with an interesting idea.

We are both affiliated with the company Youngevity  and we both love one of their jewelry brands Mialisia.

Mialisia offer tons of beautiful jewelry including customizable lockets.

Now that I have gotten past the sadness, hurt and anger, of my divorce, my creative juices started to flow and this prompted me to create a precise way to call out your EX partner and celebrate that you are rid of their sorry ass.

Here’s 2 ideas I came up with so far; “Bye Pig” in a Round locket


And “Bye Pig” is the diamond locket


There’s all sorts of chains, lockets and charms to choose from so your options are endless.

Also, a lot of the chains and lockets come in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

These are great for yourself or as gifts.

Play with the locket builder at

Check out the whole line of beautiful Mialisia Jewelry at

Close the book on your past and Celebrate your new life with a vengeance!

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Houses, Apartments, Condos, Oh My!

It’s been 1 year since my divorce was final.

As I look back on the last year, I am proud of myself for making this far on my own, emotionally and financially. It wasn’t easy but I did it. Yay me!!

Last week, I took a trip to see some houses in the new state I am looking to move to. It was a really great learning experience. My budget is on the small side for a new house so the houses in my price range were old and needed a lot of work, and renovations are not in my budget at this time.

So I got to know the area and the neighborhoods where I want to move. I found a really great realtor! I still want to move but I need to figure out how I can afford it.

I looked into renting an apartment but they cost too much, and they don’t allow large dogs. I would rather invest my money into my own property.

I looked into buying a condo, which were affordable to buy but the condo fees are high and they also don’t allow large dogs.

I could rent a house with someone else, that accepts dogs. This would be affordable, 1/2 the price then renting on my own, but not an investment. This option is not out of the question because it would be temporary.

I could buy a small house. I just need to make some compromises in my must-haves to fit my budget.

A family member mentioned that if I needed money for a down payment of a house, I could take a loan out from my 401k. I called my 401k people and got the details of how that works. This is an option worth considering as well. That way I would also have the money from the sale of my house to use to fix up a house and put into savings.

So I have lots to think about and consider.

As far as my current house, I had 23 showings in 30 days. A couple of them were 2nd showings. I had 3 offers but they were all too low. I countered all of them and no one came up. My house is priced really well but I may have to lower the price a bit at some point.

I need a break from the showings and with the holidays around the corner, I am taking the house off the market so the days don’t keep going up and I can figure out the best direction to go, share a house with someone for a very low rent temporarily or buy a house, that is the question.

I also need to make some extra, supplemental income. I have a couple of ideas on how to do this and need to implement them asap.

I really wanted to start out 2017 in a new place. Lets see what I can do to make this happen!





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