Another Long Weekend getaway

Dave and I went away, over Easter weekend, to celebrate Dave’s birthday. We headed to North Adams MA, 3 hours away. We had an amazing time!!

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We got on the road at 7 am and arrived at our first stop, the Huntington Country Store in Huntington MA. This was a good time to stretch our legs and get Dave some coffee. It’s a great place, with lots of fresh baked goodies, as well as a very nice gift shop.

Our 2nd stop was at the Littleville Dam, at Littleville Lake, in Huntington MA.

Our 3rd stop of the day was at Chesterfield Gorge, which was amazing!

Our 4th stop was at the Chesterfield General Store and Café, where we had a really good lunch.

Our 5th stop was at the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen MA. This place is SO cool!! A Must See when you are in the area.

To read more about the artist behind this very cool place, go to

Our 6th stop was at Chapel Falls in Ashfield MA

We then headed to our Airbnb in North Adams MA. We stayed in a unit in the Flat Iron Building. I would definitely recommend this host, who has a couple different listings. It’s located right in town with lots of things to see and do.

Friday’s travel map


Our 1st stop was the Natural Bridge State Park in North Adams MA, which was closed, but we could still walk in, and see almost everything, EXCEPT the actual the Marble bridge. It was still really cool and worth it.

Our 2nd stop was to Berkshire Mantiques, a pretty cool antique store.

Our 3rd stop was at Wahconah Falls in Dalton MA

Saturday’s travel map


Our 1st stop was Cascade Falls in North Adams MA.

Our 2nd stop was the Glendale Falls in Middlefield MA

And our 3rd and final stop , on our way home, was to Scott Tower in Holyoake MA. This tower has been here for 100 years. I found an interesting story about this historic landmark. If you are interested, you can see it at

Sunday’s travel map

It was a short but jammed packed weekend. We walked a lot and saw some beautiful scenery and waterfalls. We had a great time exploring this area and only saw a very small part of this part of MA, with the time that we had. Unfortunately, Mount Greylock was closed. They are open from May to Oct. I spoke with a park ranger, who said that there was 3 feet of snow at the top of mountain. It looks like we need to go back at some point to see more.

There is so much beauty in this country, make sure get out and see it!

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