It’s finally over!!!!!

It’s been a great week.

Last night was my company banquet. I have worked for the company for almost 16 years. I won 2nd place for Sales Person of the year. I have won 2nd and 3rd place in other years as well. It’s great to get the recognition for your hard work.

And today, the call came from my lawyer  that the ex has given up and wants to move on. I don’t have to pay a dime to him for the so called “destroyed” items and the deed has been turned over to my lawyer.

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!

I can finally move on as well. But before I do, this is the letter I am sending him. He may or may not read it and I don’t really care. I just need to say it so I have closure. I have kept my mouth shut for 19 months. It’s time to say it once and for all;

Now that it is FINALLY over and you are out of my life for good, I have to get some things off my chest so I can have closure.

You walked out on me, our house, all the bills and our dogs. You did this to me.  Take some responsibility for your actions and behavior. I could have made things a lot worse for you through all of this but I didn’t. Think about that.

After I confronted you and after your emotional roller coaster ride, you left me within 27 days. You saw me angry when you left but you will never know the amount of pain that you caused me. You broke my heart. I loved you, I trusted you. I respected you. Your behavior was totally irrational, selfish and disrespectful. I was deeply hurt by everything you did.  I definitely did not deserve to be treated in that way.

If you loved me, like you said that you did, and were really so unhappy for so long(supposedly), why couldn’t  you be a man and just tell me? Marriage is work and you gave up on us, once she came into your life.  I refuse to believe, what you said in front of the therapist, and me, for the first time EVER,  that you were “unhappy for the last 15 years of our marriage”.  I guess you were acting while we went on all the great vacations, while we acquired the pets, while we did all the home improvements, while we planned to move to FL??  I stood by you and took care of you through all your medical issues for 10 years. Not to mention my whole families support as well.

Your parents did not raise you to treat someone like this and to lead the adulterous double life that you led  before God.  Say what you want, criticize me and make up lies about me like you have, you caved under the pressure of a classic mid life crisis.  You turned 50, lost your career and struggled with your disabilities and along came a woman from your past. And you continue to lie about me, and call me names online to anyone who would listen, to justify your actions and make you feel better about yourself. It was so easy for you to just walk away from me and the life we created and get engaged  1 month later.  I wonder what your new church and congregation would think about your double life and adulterous ways. Your actions are not very Christian like. Maybe I should send them a copy of this letter and your online posts and show them who you really are.

After you left me, I threw out every single photo of you and deleted every photo and comment online.  I want to erase you from my life as much as possible. You both have no regard for anyone but yourselves.  Nothing either of you say can hurt me anymore, not even the names you call me online. So mature by the way.  I am stronger then you think. I am a good person. You are a coward. You are a liar. You are a cheater. You are weak. You are heartless. You are a quitter. You are a pathetic excuse for a man. You are not the same person I knew.  I deserve so much better then you.

Now you are someone else’s problem. I do not want to see or hear from you ever again.

So this nightmare comes to an end. I want to thank all my family and friends for their support during this year and a 1/2.

Here’s to a fresh start for 2016!!

7 thoughts on “It’s finally over!!!!!

  1. I know this is a little late but good for you! I’ve got a very long letter to send to the cheater in my life but I know it wouldn’t do any good so I won’t ever send it. Amazing how so many of these stories are alike, isn’t it? I swear there must be a cheater’s manual out there!

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