Being bad feels so good.

I did something, that I knew was wrong but I did it anyway, and it felt so good to do it.

The pick up of his items took place on Sunday.

Yes I left everything outside in boxes and it happened to rain a little bit on them.

Yes I sprinkled gold, green, and red glitter inside the boxes.

Nothing was destroyed, nothing was ruined. Just a really big nuisance. I just wanted to spread the holiday cheer.

So the family member, who picked everything up is claiming that I destroyed everything. And now my ex wants an X amount of dollars. He also doesn’t want to hand over the deed until I pay.

I know that this is a set back, but I just couldn’t help myself. I have done everything by the book for 19 months. I have been as patient as I possibly can with all of this. He is lucky that I did not throw everything away or actually destroy it.

The satisfaction felt so good. And happy birthday to me for doing it. Who does he think he is leaving me after 20 plus years, with the house and all of the bills and responsibilities, the dogs he cherished so much. He is selfish and disrespectful and deserves this little bit of mischief that I’ve played on him.

To be continued…

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