The remnants of a divorce

So today, his stuff was picked up! 9 am, right when it was scheduled. And it was such a shame that it was raining…..I say sarcastically, I had no qualms about putting it out in the rain.


This has been 19 month in the making. It definitely didn’t have to take this long but he dragged it out.

This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Now, the deed, which he signed off on, and is in his lawyers hands, has to be sent to my lawyer, who then has to send it to my bank so my loan can be fully processed and in my name only.

My divorce should be final any day now, just in time for my birthday!!

Now it’s time to enjoy my life again. Find the happiness that I deserve.

Bring it 2016!!! Show me what you got, I am ready!!

3 thoughts on “The remnants of a divorce

  1. Hope 2016 is great- I left my exes stuff outside in the rain except it was about 6 months after the divorce before I finally forced him to come get it!

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