Almost over

Finally, this Sunday, I hand over the things that he wants from the house. Thank god it wont be him picking them up. He is having some family members pick it all up. I plan on having everything outside in the driveway and I will stay inside. I will have someone here with me for moral support. I don’t want to talk to those specific family members. Almost his entire family wrote me off anyway so why would I want to talk to them.

I so wish it would rain Sunday!

This has been such a long journey. 19 months. I should be divorced in a couple of weeks and the house will be mine officially. Since I will be here for a while, I need to make some cosmetic changes around here so it will feel like mine.

I am looking forward to December and 2016 for a fresh start. No more lawyer bills, no more credit card bills, no more living check to check, no more waiting. Time to take control of my life again.

I am also still trying to build my South Hills Designs business as well. It’s been going slowly and I am hoping that will change. If you are looking for a some great and affordable gifts for yourself or family and friends, check it out.

Until Sunday….


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