So close I can taste it

So much back and forth, recently and legally. We are finally almost there!!! All signatures are done. He is being a real ass right to the end though. He said that he didn’t want to hand over the deed to the house until he could pick up his remaining crap from the house. I said no way! I suggested, to the attorneys involved, that he can give the signed deed to his attorney, to hold, until his crap is picked up and then the deed can be filed.  His crap will be picked up this Sunday!!!

He is trying to take control, but I am not letting that happen. Who does he think he is?

But, after everything that he has put me through, in the last 19 months, I am still standing! Thanks to my family and friends who supported me when I needed it. I really wanted to start December with a fresh start and I think I still might.

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