Not much new….it’s almost over.

I haven’t written in a little while since there really isn’t much new.  My divorce should be final in the next couple of weeks. The house will be all mine!

I cant wait to make the announcement when everything is final. I have been working on a letter, for 15 months, to send to him so I can have closure. I will be posting that letter in my blog and going public with my blog on Facebook as well when it’s all over.  I have kept it private until the divorce was over so there would be no back lash from him but I wont care afterwards.

Time to start really living again!!

18 thoughts on “Not much new….it’s almost over.

  1. For some reason this post turned up in my reader under the tag ‘travel’. However i did read it and it left me feeling sad especially as i then went back through your blog reading the various posts on your journey. I truly hope life is marvelous for you from now on.

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      1. National Parks are cool. We live next to the world’s second oldest National Park ☺ I probably won’t cover that in my blog any time soon though. I’ve just started a 2 month series of posts on my recent European holiday with some reflections on how it impacts my art and writing. ☺


      2. Which park? I have never been out of the country except for Bermuda. I really want to see all the national parks here in the US. I have been to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Death Valley, Acadia, and everything on the east coast. My next big trip will be Utah to see the 5 there.

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      3. Some of the best in the world are here in the US. You must come so you can write about them afterwards. I have learned to not say “one day”. Make it happen! Life is short. If you are on fbook, I have tons of photos from these beautiful parks.

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      1. Nope he does not deserve to hear anything….it does not matter if you have not spoken since then. Trust me, he is going to feel like he is still in control and that you are having a hard time moving on. Get into his head and look at things from his perspective. It is totally up to you but I say let it go…no explanations necessary


      2. trust me, I can say things with out being a total bitch..I would be happy to send it to you in an email if you would like to get a sneak peak at it…I have been crafting it for 15 months, making tweeks along the way…its very well thought out.

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