Mixed feelings

Today I am going to a wedding by myself, for the first time ever. My first thought is of sadness, since I am going through a divorce. My second thought is of loneliness since I’m going to it alone. I wonder how I’ll make it through the day emotionally. My third thought is of course happiness for the couple starting a new life together. It gives me hope that I will find happiness in my future as well…..


Well, I made it through the day. The wedding was beautiful, the venue was perfect, the food was great. I only got a little emotional when the DJ played the game of who has been married the longest and there was a sweet older couple who has been married for 47 years. Some people are fortunate to have a single companion for a really long time.  That ship has sailed for me.  Oh well.


3 thoughts on “Mixed feelings

  1. I still have yet to go to a wedding. Thankfully. I’m proud you made it through, but I too would have been an emotional wreck by the time it was over.

    We did go to a wedding after we filed for divorce (just not since)… the girl was barely 19/20? the guy was his cousin and 27. They acted like getting married was an effin joke. As I sat there with my son.. staring at my future EX husband standing up on stage as the best man. I got so mad several times.


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