Too much alone time

It’s such a difference going from having someone to talk to every day for 25 years to being alone in this house. I have have 2 dogs and a cat but, well you know. I am alone a lot!

As I mentioned before, I work from home so I am always in this house!! For several months, after he left, I would ask my friends and family what they were doing and sort of invite myself along. I have stopped doing that and I am trying to get used to being alone.  Who knows how long I will be so might as well get used to it. Being alone so much makes my mind wonder in too many directions and think about things I don’t want to think about.

I work all day then relax at night. I watch movies and some of my favorite TV shows. I read a little and play games on kindle.  I still have to do all the stuff around the house like, cleaning, laundry, etc. When its nice weather outside, I go out and play with the dogs.  But I really need a hobby.  I used to be into crafts and did craft shows for about 7 years.  I don’t really have the $ to get back into that at the moment.

I love to walk and would really like to find a walking buddy. I love to walk and talk. Taking the dogs for walks is fine but quiet. I also cant walk both dogs at the same time, too big for me to handle both together. As a single woman, I would never have 2 large dogs. Don’t get wrong, I love my dogs and am happy to have the company, but they can really crimp your style as a single girl. If I ever want to go away, I need to find dog care that will stay at my home with them. I do have a very good friend who I can count on most of the time.  I need to widen my dog care circle for sure.

I need to get out of the house and meet new people! This is my goal for this year!

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3 thoughts on “Too much alone time

    1. I know what I could do, plenty of options out there. I haven’t been very motivated but I know I have to get out there. Also I don’t have the $ to join anything. I am a work in progress for sure.


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