Getting through “The firsts”

This will be my first Valentines Day, in 25 years, with no valentine.  This holiday is really no big deal but it goes on the list of the things I have managed to get through for the first time since he left.

I got through July 4th, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas and New Years so far. The last 2 were tough ones for sure. Thank god for family and friends.  This “being alone” stuff does suck but I am getting used to it little by little.

On a slightly better note, there has finally been some movement on the legal side of things. He submitted a counter offer for settlement. Again, some things on his list were ridiculous and my lawyer will be submitting my new offer this week. This back and forth is such a pain since he is so far away and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to complete this divorce but he is already engaged, makes no sense. The goal is for him to sign over the house to me so I can refinance and it will be MINE! Then I can decide what I want to do next.

I really hope this is over by this spring or summer at the latest, my life is on hold until then. I cant wait to move on and start fresh. My new mantra, which I say every night before I go to sleep is “Good things will happen.”

3 thoughts on “Getting through “The firsts”

  1. Yea…. I dealt with that too.. first year I didn’t get flowers on my birthday. Granted the BF was there and he did make it awesome… part of me still sort of expected it. He did manage to get a card from my son for me, since it was the big 3-0.

    I like your mantra – might start doing that. Along with “whatever” when I start getting frustrated.


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