My photography is now available for purchase

I started taking pictures when I was a kid and I haven’t stopped. I started out with a little 35mm camera in the 70’s, and over the years, I have moved up the camera scale to digital cameras with lots of features and higher zoom lenses.

Now that I live in Rhode Island, I have so much more to take pictures of. New England is such a beautiful place!

I take photos of nature and animals. I post my photos on my facebook page, photo group pages on Facebook, Instagram at lynne.albright and in my blog. People have been complimenting me over the last couple of years, so I guess they are appealing to some people.

So I am excited to announce that I have posted my photography on a site, where you can purchase the image and/or make prints. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

You can see my photography at

I will add more photos to the page over time.

And you can also see my paintings at

My creative side has exploded and I am having so much fun. And it keeps me busy during this pandemic.

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