Backyard Art Sale

I had an art sale in my backyard recently. I showed my paintings, my cousin showed her antique beaded jewelry and one of my girlfriends showed her aromatherapy products.

It was a beautiful day and a perfect place for this event.

Even though we did a lot of advertising, only 10 people came during the 4 hours. But all 10 people purchased paintings, and most of them also purchased jewelry and aromatherapy products so we are had sales, which was great!

It was a great learning experience and we definitely want to have another sale soon.

My back yard was a perfect venue for my paintings. My fence was a great way to show them all.

But if I am going to show them at a different venue, I will need to come up with other ways to display my paintings. I have some home work to do.

In the meantime, I will keep painting. So stay tuned and stay safe.

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