Doggy Guest #46 Kenzie

Kenzie was my first Westie guest and she was such a sweet girl. She settled into her new surrounding pretty fast and did very well, while she was with me. Kenzie was very quiet, most of the time. She had a very low, little cry, when she wanted something. I could barely hear her. She was also very snugly. I would love to watch Kenzie again, I hope she returns.

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Also, Bently, Maggie and the 2 doodles, Ryder and Ripley, were last week as well. Busy week! I love having the company.

In other news, work has been steady, thankfully. I ate dinner, outdoors, at a restaurant recently, for the first time since March.  I was a little nervous but I did it. It was so great to be out and not make my own dinner.

I also started a new craft to pass the time. I haven’t felt very creative in many years.  I will be sharing more info on my new hobby soon.

Stay safe and stay tuned….


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