Doggy Guest #45 Sammi

I love every doggy guest that stays at my house, but I definitely have some favorites…and Sammi is now a favorite for sure!!

Sammi is a 5+ year old Bichon. She is so lovable and sweet. She was here for 4 nights and we hit it off great! Waking up in the morning and going to bed at night was so much fun, Sammi was very playful during those times.

I took Sammi to a BBQ with just 5 people and everyone loved her so much. She was a perfect party guest.

And thank god she wasn’t scared of the fireworks!!! My neighborhood sounded like a war zone and it didn’t faze Sammi at all.

We had a good routine going, we woke up at 6am, we went out to the back yard, she always ran to the tree where she had seen squirrels the previous day. She did her business and we went back to bed and slept more. Spent time playing and then on with our day.

I will miss Sammi and look forward to seeing her again.

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I don’t have any over night doggy guests on the calendar for a while now, obviously, which is fine with me. I am still living a very secluded life, still getting groceries delivered, still walking with the neighbor and walking group to get exercise.

I am saving a lot of money, not going out, so I am so close to being debt free, other then my mortgage. It took me 3 years but my $10,000 debt is now down to less then $1000!!!! I am so proud of myself for being so disciplined. I really want to treat myself to a great vacation but I don’t know when that will be possible. So instead, I think I will do some home improvements.  Rather spend my money on being happy in my home, since I have to spend so much more time here.

My project list consists of getting rid of my tub/shower combo and just having a nice walk in shower, a new bathroom vanity, sink, mirror and light.

I would also love all new flooring throughout my house, something with a more beach house feel.

And finally, I would love new kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

I was thinking that maybe this fall, I would go to a kitchen and bath place to get some ideas and quotes and maybe next year have the bathroom done.

We will see how the rest of the year goes.

Stay tuned and stay safe.




4 thoughts on “Doggy Guest #45 Sammi

      1. Things are going very well for me.
        I am loving my work from home and enjoying my time with my teenagers,who seem to be growing up by the minute!

        I like the slow down of life.

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