Feeling creative again!!

I used to be very creative, when I was kid. I loved to draw, write and even was into photography back then as well.

As a teenager, I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles and then glued and framed them. Big ones, 500, 1000, 2000 pieces! Creative writing and photography still carried through those years as well.

As an adult, I got into making jewelry, painting glass, and making fabric covered wooden frames. I even did craft shows, for 7 years, with my mom, who was also very crafty. I also started spending more money on cameras.

I have gotten into photography a lot more. When I love a specific photo, I make a large canvas of it and hang it on my wall. I like to be surrounded by things and places that make me happy. Other then photography,  I haven’t felt very creative, in a very long time. It’s been around 10 or more years, since I made something with my hands. And now, during this crazy time in our lives, I feel like I am wasting valuable time, just working and watching TV.

 I am excited to announce that I have the creative feeling again!  I stumbled on videos on Paint Pouring and I am hooked! I have been watching tons of videos and I have ordered a ton of supplies.

My problem is, that once I start something, I go crazy and want to have everything that’s out there. When I made jewelry, I was addicted to beads. When I made the fabric covered frames, I was addicted to fabric. Now I am addicted to paint and canvases.

I am excited to show you what I have created so far. I am also so happy to be creative again. These are so fun to make.

20200724_205233 (2)8×1020200724_2053268×1020200724_205349 (2)8×1020200724_205501 (2)8×1020200724_205528 (2)8×1020200724_205704 (2)8×1020200724_205751 (2)8×1020200724_205015 (2)8×1020200724_205027 (2)8×1020200724_205123 (2)8×10


I just ordered a bunch of larger canvases so stay tuned for more of my creations.


8 thoughts on “Feeling creative again!!

  1. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of this lately and they’re fascinating. It looks like you have a real knack for it. Enjoy creating more.

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