Doggy Guest # 44 Betty

Look at this cutie patootie…

This was Betty’s first time here and she was such a sweetheart. She settled in in about an hour. She was so well behaved. We played fetch, went for a walk and got to know each other. By the end of the stay, she was sitting on my lap. I definitely look forward to watching Betty, AKA Betty Boop, which I kept calling here, LOL

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I also watched Ripley, Maggie and Bentley last week as well. Having my little furry guests makes my week go faster!

20200609_170415      20200607_095817


Still status quo here. Nothing much else is going on, fortunately I am still working full time, which has been steady, thankfully.

My state is opening up slowly but I am still not really going anywhere. I am not ready yet.

The weather has also been really nice recently…summer is here!

Stay tuned and stay safe!


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