Doggy Guest #43 Ripley

Yay, Lynne’s Doggy BnB is open again!

Due to the virus, lots of people cancelled their trips, so things have been quiet around here. It was nice little break but I missed my four legged friends.

So I started watching my Wednesday dog Bentley again.


Ok, now get ready for more cuteness…

I had an adorable, 10 week old golden-doodle this weekend named Ripley. What a sweetie. This little boy was so good… for the most part. Puppies are puppies, no matter what. He followed me everywhere, sat and slept at my feet. He was so good in his crate over night. In fact, he would go into his crate on his own for his naps during the day. We played fetch and went for a walk. Fun was had by all. I know I will see him again and can’t wait!

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Also, another regular has come back…Maggie!! She has been in Florida for the last 8 months, but she is back in town and will be staying a couple times this month.


I can’t believe that its June!! I am still staying close to home, walking with my neighbor and also with the meetup group again, since the parks are open.

I still don’t watch the news, but I do stay informed.

I am still getting my groceries delivered.

I went to the dentist for a regular cleaning. Lots of new procedures there.

And I am still getting out there and taking photos. Here are a couple;

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Hope you are all staying safe!

Stay tuned.

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