Staying Safe at home for 1 month

It’s been 2 weeks since I have written anything. I haven’t been motivated to write. In fact, I really haven’t been motivated to do anything.  I am normally an “on the go” kind of person, when I am not working. Since I work from home, I love to get out of the house, whenever possible.

I have not left my house, in over a month, except to walk with my neighbor. I look forward to these walks so much! They are the highlight of my day now. I have mentioned before, that she and I usually walk on Sundays and Mondays, (weather permitting and if we are both free to walk), for about an hour and go about 2-3 miles each time. So that’s 8 walks a month and about 24 miles a month. Since we are both available a lot more now, between March 20th and April 17th,(1 month) we walked 16 times and almost 40 miles. Wow, twice as much! But unfortunately, it’s not making a difference in my weight. Since I am home more and I am a boredom eater, I am at least maintaining my weight but not losing any sadly.

Regarding not going anywhere for a month, my state has a stay at home order until mid May, except for essential businesses. I know that some people are still going to the grocery store and other places.  I have been ordering everything so far. I have been thinking about, when more places are open, and since its been so long since I have gone anywhere, will I feel comfortable and confident to actually go into a business. I know what precautions to take, but staying home has made it easier for me and less to worry or think about. I have only let 1 other person in my home for the last month. We stand far apart, I don’t touch anything that she brings in for her dog. I wash the door handles that she touches. I put on gloves when I get the bags and boxes from my porch. I clean things off, before I put them away and wash my hands. When you go out, there are more things to think about and worry about. I know that I cant stay home forever. At some point, I will have to leave my house.

Loneliness is also setting in big time. We all need human contact, and I miss it terribly. I know that I am safe at home, but I really look forward to being around my family and friends, and continue on my quest for a relationship.

I also used to be very crafty in the past but haven’t felt like doing anything, nor can I decide what I want to do. I finally ordered some supplies to make some string art. You know, wrapping the string around nails on a board. I will see if that gets my creative juices flowing again.

Working part time, for the last 4 weeks, has taken its toll mentally and financially. I am not talking to as many clients as I used to and they are definitely not spending much money right now. I don’t feel very productive and I am barely making any money. I know that so many people out there have lost their jobs. I am so appreciative and grateful to still have a job and have some income, something is better then nothing. I need to get back on track with paying off my debt, which I am very close to accomplishing!

With that being said, my company just got the government loan and next week, we are all going back to work full time, for at least 8 weeks!! I am so excited!!! I know that it will still be slow and people still might not want to spend any money, but I will have more time each day to try. Working full time fills up some of those lonely hours.

Also, since it is spring, I can start doing some things in the yard. As much as I don’t like doing yard work, it will give me something to do.

And after this thing is all over, I want to take a good vacation. I don’t know where to yet, but I am so overdue. I haven’t taken a real vacation(where you get on a plane and stay at a nice place) since 2013!!

After that, I want to make some home improvements.

These are my plans. And you know me, I usually do what I set out to do. It just might take me longer but I have learned that patience is a virtue.

So stay home if you can, stay safe, stay well and stay tuned….



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