Not an April fools joke…

I cant believe that’s it April already.

I haven’t left my house since early to mid March, except to go walking with my neighbor. We used to walk twice a week, now, since we are both available more, we are walking more…we are trying to walk every day and we walk for about an hour and 2-3 miles each time. Of course, we keep our distance from each other, while we walk.

Even though I am not a fan, I do walk alone occasionally. And on one of my solo walks, I captured this guy in the water…

Since we are house bound, I am trying to stay connected to people as much as possible. I love to talk with people but seeing them is better. I want to video chat as much as people are willing. Unfortunately,  I was having some technical difficulties. My camera on my 3 year old lap top is not not working. Using the camera on my cell phone uses too much data.

So I purchased a new 7 inch Kindle Fire. I already had one, but it was 10 years old and wouldn’t turn on anymore. The price has really dropped on these and it was only $50 with a case. Now I have a camera to stay connected with people face to face.

I have had all my groceries delivered. I have been using Instacart mostly, which has been working out pretty well. My order has been delivered in 4 days each time.

I have not let anyone in my house…accept for the owner  of Bentley, that I still watch every Wednesday. She is living the same lifestyle as I am and not going anywhere or going near people. We stand far apart when she drops Bentley off and picks him up.  This woman is retired. Bentley has separation anxiety. She is not able to leave Bentley alone, in her condo, to do anything, because Bentley barks and upsets the neighbors. I have been watching Bentley since August of 2019. He is so good, while he is with me. He barks a little when his mommy leaves but then he is fine the rest of his stay. He is so quiet, when his mommy comes back to pick him up. It’s like he doesn’t want to leave. His mommy is so happy that she found me. Now she can go do errands, have lunch with a friend or just do things around the house with out worrying about Bentley. And I get to make a little extra money, which is so needed right now. It’s a win/win for both of us.

Now that I am working part time for my company, I filed for unemployment last week.  I have never been on unemployment before in my life. This is all new to me. My company is in PA, but I work for them remotely in RI. I wasn’t sure which state to file in but my company informed me that it would be in the state that I live and work in. I was  a little confused for a couple of days, mostly because I didn’t read everything well enough. I figured it all out and I am all set up in the system.

So today, in the news, they are suggesting that everyone wear masks when/if they leave their homes for protection. I don’t have any so I had to order some. I don’t want just any old mask, nor do I want to walk around with the boring white medical ones. I don’t want to take away from the professionals who need them. I can use a scarf in the mean time but I do want the proper kind of mask. I ended up on, where tons of people are hand making masks out of fun fabrics. I used to be very crafty as well but I don’t sew. They should be here next week and I will definitely show you when they arrive.

In the mean time, stay safe and be careful, stay well, stay home, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, gets some fresh air, social distance, exercise, rest, drink water, write a journal or blog, read, declutter your house, closets, and drawers, listen to music, dance(great exercise), do a puzzle, stay in touch with your family and friends…and me.

Also, don’t forget to thank all of those essential workers out there, who are risking their health to make sure we get what we need.

Thank you for reading, stay well and stay tuned…


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