Life, as of March 2020

So, here we all are… hopefully… social distancing, washing our hands, using hand sanitizer, trying not to touch our faces, getting groceries delivered, working from home… if you are lucky enough to still have a job.

Life as we know it, for the time being. Who knows how long this will last.

I am doing everything I can think of to stay safe and healthy.

I already work from home full time, but starting tomorrow, we are going to part time hours. The wedding business has really been hit hard. All of our March, April and May clients are postponing their weddings. Their payments have come to a halt and no one really wants to talk about their wedding or has the money to make a deposit on their future wedding. Due to this, my salary will be cut in half.

Because I work from home, I am not around people very much as it is.  Normally, I look forward to the weekends, to get out of my house. Now, I don’t go anywhere, except for walking with my neighbor. We usually walk twice a week, but now that I will have more time, we are going to walk more for sure. The scenery is nice here by the water.


Since I am not going out, I am finding little projects around the house to keep busy. I have done some reorganizing and rearranging of some closets and cabinets. I also went though my wardrobe and pulled some things for donation. On to the next project.

I am not going to the grocery store so I had 1 food delivery last week and another one is coming this week. Not sure when I can place another order, will have to see how the money situation pans out.

Speaking of money…I think I can apply or unemployment, since I lost 1/2 my hours…I need to call about that option. I know there are millions of people out of work completely, so I know that I will be on the phone for a while, trying to figure it all out

I usually write about my doggy guests but I have lost some bookings. which was expected. I still have a couple on the calendar for April, but they probably wont happen.  That’s also more income lost. I know I will get more bookings, when this all settles down.

Up until this point, I was doing really good with paying down my debt. The light at the end of the tunnel was getting so bright. I am trying to be positive and think of this as a speed bump and when it’s all over, I can get back on track.

Another aspect of my life affected is dating. Dating is not important right now. I guess I will be single for a while now.

So buckle up and get comfortable, this could be a long ride. Wishing you all safe passage through this storm. Be careful, be well and stay tuned…











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