Doggy Guest #42 Lucy and more…

OMG, this adorable, 8 year old Yorkshire/Maltese mix was my guest, for the first time, for a week. She is such a sweet little dog. Her tongue hung to the side sometimes, since she doesn’t have many teeth. She also peed, while balancing on 3 legs, back right leg was always off the ground, too funny. About 1/2 way through the stay, she got more snugly and was laying on me the last 2 days.

The owners of this dog were in Disney the whole time, right before it closed, due to the virus. I usually have them come inside to collect everything but, I walked out front and gave them the dog’s belongings, from a distance, and handed them the dog on a long leash. Cant be too careful right now.

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Speaking of this virus…

I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home for my full time job. It is very convenient. It also allows me to have my doggy business. My doggy guests have been the best company. I have gotten a couple of cancellations, but that’s ok. I know they will reschedule when they are able to.

I haven’t left my house in a week, except to go for a walk with my neighbor on Sunday and Monday, which we do every week. I have placed orders, for some food deliveries, from a couple of stores, which will arrive soon. I used and I have lots of soap, toilet paper and some disinfecting wipes.

I so appreciate those who are out on the front lines, the Dr’s, nurses, home health aids, store clerks, truck and delivery drivers, police, fire fights and EMT’s, just to mention a few, and of course the military.

I feel for those who are now out of work or school indefinitely.

I feel for those that have pre-existing conditions and have to stay even more isolated then people that are healthy.

I feel for those who have gotten the virus and don’t know what their future holds. It must be so scary for you.

I feel worse for the families who have lost loved ones to the virus.

We all have to do our part and STAY HOME, unless you have an emergency of course.

You could talk to your neighbors and make sure they have what they need and share if you can. I use a great website called It’s definitely worth checking out. It’s a great source of information and you can make new friends.

It’s a great time to catch up with friends and family that you haven’t spoken to in a while, so pick up the phone and give them a call or use Skype, face time or Facebook chat so you can see them while you talk.

Keep a journal of your experiences during this time.

I have cable and Netflix, which keeps me entertained. And I write my blog. Thank you again to those who read it.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy during this time. Drop me a line and tell me what you are doing to keep yourself busy.

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Doggy Guest #42 Lucy and more…

  1. I’m staying home too.
    I wish now I had gotten a puppy. I aLways wanted one, and irking from home and kids home we have lots of time.

    I’m pretty stressed. I’m trying to adapt to this change, but it’s a bit too much for me today.

    My work productivity is low. I know next week will be better.

    Good job distancing. We need to be serious, even if we feel weird about it.

    That’s the cutest dog ever. I want her!


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    1. Working from home is not for everyone. I have been working from home for 10 years and I love it! You will find your rhythm and it will all be ok. Yes, that dog was soo cute!! My own dog passed away Dec 2018. I have not gotten another dog because I like having my life back. I watch dogs to fill my doggy fix with no commitment. And I make some extra $$, which is helpful.

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