Doggy Guest #41 Jaeger returned

This adorable, little, four-legged, sweetheart was here for 10 days. Jaeger stayed here for 2 nights recently, in preparation for this stay.

This is the dog who came with 5 pages of instructions. These pages covered everything from his feeding, walking, playing and sleeping schedule.

We had a great time. We got into a routine and he seemed to be very comfortable here.

Yaeger has another stay scheduled with me in the future so I look forward to seeing him again!

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Also, so far, I have not gotten any cancellations, due to the virus. There is nothing I can do about it if happens. I just don’t count on any future income, just in case.

On the subject of my debt, I am excited to report that I am getting very close to having all of my extra debt paid off. This is due to an increase of pay, contest bonuses and the busy season at my full time job. Also, more of my repeat doggy clients are paying me directly instead of booking through the app. I am also still getting new clients through the app.

My goal is to have NO extra debt and just have my household bills by this summer. My plans after that are to put more money towards the principle of my house, do some home improvements and go on a vacation! Stay tuned on how I am accomplishing all of this…

2 thoughts on “Doggy Guest #41 Jaeger returned

  1. He is a cutie. 5 pages of instructions??? I couldn’t think of 1 page. Happy you are better set financially! Good idea to have them pay cash instead of the app. That way you get what they pay and don’t have to share. Love and hugs!

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