Doggy Guests #27, Chloe and Roxy’s 3rd stay

Had this double duo for a week again, and we had a great week!!

Sadly, we did have a skunk indecent though. Luckily, it was NOT a direct hit to either of the dogs but they still smelled like skunk. Chloe smelled worse then Roxy so I used the peroxide/baking soda/dish detergent combo on Chloe and it worked pretty well. I used dry shampoo on Roxy.

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My sister gave me that brown dog bed and the dogs loved it. I put it in my office and they were always in it together, while I worked. I now have 3 dog beds, one in the office, living room and in my bedroom.

Due to the skunk issue, I had a handy man come and block the gap under my deck and and shed so now I don’t need to worry about any critters hiding under there and doggies trying to get to them.

I have also had my shed since May and have been wanting shelved on the back wall, to get those bins off the floor of the shed. I can check that off my list as well. I love getting stuff done!!


More doggy guests on the calendar and projects to tackle, so stay tuned…

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