Doggy Guests #26, Chloe and Roxy returned

So these two cuties came back to Lynne’s Doggy BnB for the 2nd time. The last time they were here was back in February and the little one, Chloe, was just 3 months old. Now, she is 10 months old and so spunky. She loves to play fetch and will do it non stop. It was another great visit. Watching 2 dogs together is twice the fun. I look forward to seeing them again.

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So far, this year, I have had more repeat guests than new guests.  It feels great knowing that the owners trust me with their babies. My reviews are growing and my debt is shrinking. At this rate, I will definitely triple my doggy income this year, compared to last year. Raising my prices was a good idea, maybe I will raise them a little more again next year. I  just have to stay competitive with others sitters in my area. I am also up to 29 5- star reviews, so that helps as well.

Having all these doggies coming and going, has also really helped me keep my mind off the loss of my sweet Casey. I cant believe that it been 8 months since she passed. I really miss her. I have almost always had a pet, my entire life. But at this point in my life, it’s time for me. I like being able to go out and not be on a clock. I like not having to go to the pet store and carrying a 35 lb bag of dog food to my car, and then into my house. I like not spending money on the flea and heart worm meds and paying the vet bills. I know all of this is part of owning a dog, but it nice to have a break from all of the responsibility of owning a dog. I may own a dog again in the future, but for now, watching other people’s dogs is just fine.



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