Canada Vacation, 2019

I took another short vacation this summer, this time to visit my sister in Canada. One of my girlfriends, from Rhode Island, went with me. Road Trip!! This was the first time I’ve traveled with this friend and we had a really great time!! I have driven from PA to Canada tons of times, over the years, but this was the first time that I made this trip from Rhode Island. Also, another sister, who lives in PA, joined us as well. She flew in, so her trip was a lot faster.

We headed out at 6:30 am. The GPS said it would take 9 hours to get there. With traffic, stops for gas, lunch and to use a restroom, it took around 11 hours. Now I know for next time.

We finally arrived to my sister’s house and boy were we tired! We freshened up, waited for her 3 sons to get home, and we all went out to dinner.  I haven’t seen my nephews for about 4 years so the visit was way over due!  They are all college age now and they are all very funny and fun, so let the shenanigans begin.


The next day, which was beautiful, just us girls went to the store, to get all the provisions, we were going to need, for the next 3 days at her cottage on Sturgeon Lake in Bobcaygeon Ontario Canada. Costco, here we come!

After shopping, we packed up and headed to the cottage, which is normally a 2 hour drive. It was a holiday weekend there, so we hit a lot of traffic, UGH! We broke up the trip and made one short stop at a cute little antique store,(one of my favorite things to do). We left with a couple of treasures and drove the last leg of the trip.

My friend and I had a reservation at an Inn near my sister’s cottage. All the rooms at the cottage were taken, by my sister’s family, and that was fine with us.  But before we checked into the Inn, we stopped at a great place for dinner, which had a great deck on the water, where we could watch the boats coming and going. It was a perfect night for it as well. And it was just across the lake from the Inn where we were staying.

The dinner was really good, but we encountered an angry carpenter bee. They are nasty! Two other patrons at the restaurant were stung and one was coming after me too. Eventually, we were able to finish our meals in peace.

After dinner, my friend and I checked into the Bobcaygeon Inn. The owner was so nice. After checking us in, he carried our bags to our room.  The room was nice, with a water view, queen sized bed with a comfortable sofa bed, a jetted tub in the room, a fire place, fridge, microwave and coffee maker. The bathroom had a tub/shower combo.

DSCN1538 (2)

After we got settled, we went down to the outdoor bar for a drink. They have the largest outdoor patio/bar in the area and a restaurant as well. The Inn is older but now under new ownership.  The owner and his wife were both at the bar so we struck up a nice conversation. They are very excited for the busy season to be over so they can start renovations. I would definitely stay there again and I am excited to see what changes they make. And it’s in such a great location, walking distance to lots of shopping and other bars and restaurants.

The next day was another gorgeous day. We started out going to a local farmers market, then we did some shopping in town and then went to the cottage to float on the lake. My sister has so many water toys already, but she bought special floats for us to relax on…or did we….


Well, let me tell you, this was the funniest thing ever. Four adult women, trying to get on them at the beginning, was quite a feat. Staying on them was even harder. Why, you ask?? Well, the bird floats were the problem. In the picture, on the box, that they came in, the woman sitting on them, was leaning back on the bird’s feathers, like she was reclining.  We found out quickly that it was false advertising. My older sister and I were on the birds and the 2 other girls were on the doughnuts. My older sister flipped backwards first. We all were laughing so hard. after seeing that happen to my sister, I was doing my best to stay centered on the float and not flip. I was doing pretty well…. until I relaxed a little too much and I flipped backwards as well. OMG, we all started laughing again. It was crazy funny!!

The next day, we headed out to two, really cool places. Our first stop was the Miskwaa Art Gallery.  This is an outdoor gallery, where all the art was hanging on displays, among the trees on the property. so different and unique. I would highly recommend that you stop there, if you are in area.

Another very interesting thing the owner/artist Daniel Marlatt is known for is his Lil Red Canoes on the Miskwaa Ziibi River. You can read more about Daniel’s art gallery and the canoe project at;


and here is his blog post from day I launched my “lil red canoe”.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Our next stop was to the Whetung Ojibwa Centre. A very cool store/art gallery with mostly Canadian Indian art and gifts. I have been there twice now and love going back.


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After that, we headed back to the cottage, relaxed by the lake and had dinner. We all had a really great day and weekend. The next day, we headed back to my sister’s house for one more night before leaving for home.

Another great trip with family and friends. I look forward to going back again, but maybe I will fly next time.


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