Doggy Guest #19, Misty

Misty is one of the smallest dogs that has stayed at Lynne’s Doggy BnB. She is such a sweet little girl, but due to a past medical issue, she makes the most noises I have ever heard come from a dog. Like when she is sniffing around the house or yard, she snorts like a pig. Its very funny. She also snores, so the first couple of nights, she slept on the couch and I slept in bed. I let her sleep, on my bed with me eventually, and her snoring wasn’t that bad and we both slept pretty well. Misty is a light sleeper though and one night, there was a bad storm, so we both didn’t get much slept that night. Misty is a great snuggler too.

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I am meeting a potential new client, with 2 dogs, next Sat, to see if they want to stay here in the future.  I cant believe that next month will be a year since I started my Doggy BnB. Time flies when your surrounded by dogs. Nothing could replace my Casey, but these little doggys sure do bring me joy in her absence.

Also, since the weather is finally getting nicer, I am going to order my shed very soon. For those of you that have been reading my blog, you know that I have wanted a shed since I moved here, almost 2 years ago. Patience is a virtue! I have been saving up for it and I can finally afford to get it. This will really help me clear some things out of my house. My 1915, 866 sq ft house, on a slab, doesn’t have a lot of storage so this will really help!

Stay tuned….

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