Doggy Guest #18 Marley returned!!!

Marley has become one of my regular guests. His mommy travels a couple times a year so Marley’s visits are longer than the average guest. This time he was here for 16 days. He is such a sweet boy. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we were able to take a walk everyday, which he LOVES and gets so excited about. He stops at all the same spots and knows where my house is when we return. I look forward to seeing him again!

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I have also met and booked some new guests and am looking forward to spending time some new doggies.

I am also excited that spring has sprung so I can order my shed. May will be 2 years that I have lived here and I have been wanting a shed since I moved in. I think I will order it at the end of April! I had to call the city to see what the regulations were on sheds. You can get up to an 8×8 ft shed with out getting a permit. You also have to have it a certain amount of feet from a fence.  The extra storage will be so great.

Thanks to my doggy guests, I have been able to chip away at my debt. In fact, my goal is to totally pay off 2 out of 3 loans by the end of the year! And I can also now afford to get my shed and I cant wait!! Is it just me or does anyone else think a new shed is exciting?

Stay tuned…




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