Doggy Guest #17, Ryder

I love dogs but puppies are irresistible! I had the pleasure of watching this little sweetheart. Ryder is a Labradoodle and so adorable!!! She had a great time here playing and napping. I cant wait to watch her again!

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I have also been helping a couple with their dog(Doggy Guest #14 Maggie). She has separation anxiety, so I have been watching here for an hour or 2, a couple nights a week. Maggie is getting better, I just have to keep her busy until she settles in for the duration of the stay.

On another note, I am not a fan of snow. It is pretty, but in general, it’s a nuisance.  Here in New England, this winter wasn’t too bad but still too much for me. I would prefer none! I know, you are asking “why did you move to New England then’?  Fair question. I so cant wait for spring!

And finally, I am single again. There is only so much negativity one person can take. Everything is a learning experience. I am going to concentrate on all of my doggy guests and pay off my dept. I hope to have everything paid off by the end of the year so I can start fresh in 2020!










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