Doggy Guests 16, Toby and Callie

Another cute duo was just here for 4 nights and left today. Toby and Callie were very sweet. The first day, Toby was timid and Callie was very friendly.  By the 2nd day, Toby started to feel more at ease. They both laid close to me on the couch and in bed. They didn’t play at all, just slept, ate, and went outside to go to the bathroom. We also had a lot of snow while they were here, so we couldn’t stay outside for too long.

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Not only did Toby and Callie leave today, but I also had 2 “meet and greets” today. One, who just booked 4 daycare stays so far, and the other, who will definitely book in the future.

Lynne’s Doggy BnB is hoping!

I never thought I would be this busy in the winter!

Last year, in 7 months(May to Dec), I had dogs for a total of 68 days.

This year, with past and future bookings,(from Jan to June, booked so far) I have had/ will have dogs for 58 days.

I also have a couple more meet and greets(future bookings) lined up as well.

One thing I have realized is that I have to leave time for myself. Once my dear Casey passed, it was the first time,  in 20 years, that I didn’t have the responsibility of my own dog, and that I could go out and do things, go on a day trip or longer and not worry. Even though I want to have this business to fill my doggy fix, and to help me pay down my dept, I cant have a dog every day and every night. I have to have some me time.

What’s great about this is I have full control of when I want to be available to have doggy guests and when I want to take some time off.

It’s been a great experience so far, I have no regrets.





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