Doggy guests 15, Chloe and Roxy

For the first time, I watched 2 dogs at a time. Once Casey passed away, I decided to take 2 dogs at a time, as long as they are from the same family.  I don’t want to put strange dogs together.

Introducing Chloe and Roxy. What a fun week! Chloe is just 4  months old and she kept me on my toes for sure. She is so little and moves so fast, I really had to keep my eyes and ears open. Chloe is a typical puppy and LOVED to play fetch and tussle with Roxy. I loved having a puppy here. Both dogs were so great.

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I have another 2 dogs coming soon so I am now prepared to handle 2 at a time.

I also created a picture wall of all the dogs that stay here. When the owners come in my house, they can see how many doggys love staying here at Lynne’s Doggy BnB. I put Casey in the middle since she started this new venture with me and was so sweet when guests came to stay. I look forward to this wall filling up with more happy guests.


I have been getting multiple new requests so I have some new meetings set up and future bookings on the calendar.  This could be a great year!






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