Doggy Guest #14, Maggie

Look at this little sweetie Maggie, a senior Havenese. Maggie was here for a couple of hours for her first visit. She has some separation anxiety but she did pretty well for her first stay. I look forward to seeing her again.

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Also, I went on another adventure. It was a another cold but bearable day in January, so I started out by going to lunch, then looked for a waterfalls in the area.

The first 2 were in the North Smithfield RI area.

There was this one, which was very visible from the road.

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Then, I winged it and took a turn down an unfamiliar road and stumbled on this one, also right on a main road.

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MY last little find was in Chepachet RI. I had to walk down a short and easy path to see it up close.

There are so many beautiful things to see around us. Take the time to get out and be in nature, it feels so good.

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