Doggy Guest #13, Bentley came back

Bentley came back, for a week this time, so we really had more time to get to know each other. We had a great time. He is such a sweetie, he loves to snuggle and play! It was sooo cold out this week that I couldn’t get any picks of him outside.

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I am excited to be meeting 2 new potential clients this week. And also, I will have a my first visit of 2 dogs together. I am now taking 2 dogs at a time, if they are from the same family. I still wont take 2 dogs that don’t know each other. Things are really picking up and my calendar is filling up!

I caught another decent weather day in Jan and went to Ryan Park last week. Another great walk!

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There are so many beautiful hikes to go on in Rhode Island and in New England, for that matter. I have just scratched the surface. I have so many more to see. Come on Spring!

Stay tuned for more adorable doggy guests and amazing New England scenery. And if you would like to see any of this in person, come for a visit, my doors are always open.

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