Bentley, Doggy guest # 12

Meet my first doggy guest of 2019, Bentley, an 11 year old Bichon Frize. He is a very sweet little boy. He is a good snuggler and still likes to play as well. Bentley was here for the weekend and will be coming back for a week very soon. I look forward to seeing Bentley again for sure.

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I also cant believe that its been a month since my sweet Casey passed. I miss her so much. My doggy guests make it a little easier to get through each day.

I was only taking 1 dog at a time since I also had Casey. But now, I can now see 2 dogs at a time, as long as they are from the same family. I got my first request for watching 2 dogs and I am so excited. I met with the owners and the dogs and they are staying with me in February, can’t wait!


January started out pretty bearable, weather wise, so I was was able to get out and see and do a couple things.

On New Years Day, which was a beautiful day, I walked a couple different parts of the Blackstone River Walkway.

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On January 6, I went to the Blackstone Park in Providence.

For such a small state, there are so many cool places to see and things to do here. Stay tuned to see what else I discover.

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