2018 in review


The first big snow storm of the year and the first big snow storm since I moved to RI…14 inches and temperatures 0-10 for 14 days!

Had to have some major electrical work done to the house… $$$$


Thought I would start an AirB&B but changed my mind after learning about all the insurance involved.

March and April

Nothing too earth shattering happened.


1 year in Rhode Island!

Started working for Rover.com and opened Lynne’s Doggy B&B and had 2 doggy guests!


Had 1 doggy guest


Had 4 doggy guests!


Had 1 doggy guest

2 sisters and niece came for a visit!


Had 1 doggy Guest and he has become a regular!


Had 3 doggy guests

Wrote my 100th blog post!

Went Rail Biking


I did an interview on The Women in the Middle Podcast


Got my first Kidney stone…ouch!


Had 2 repeat doggy guests

Lost my sweet and beloved dog Casey after 14 years.

A year filled with ups and downs. Lots of day trips, antiquing, meeting new people, walking, hanging out with my cousin, experiencing new things, going on adventures, trying new restaurants, losing my dog, not having my own pet for the first time in 29 years, dog sitting.

Here’s to 2019! May it be filled with love, laughter, good health, cuddly dogs, and more adventures!

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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