Goodbye my sweet Casey

My sweet dog Casey passed away peacefully late Friday night, 12/14th.

Casey was 14. I rescued her as a puppy. She was born in December, 2004


Casey was a such a great dog. she grew up with a cat and they got along great!

Casey also loved people!!


She loved the camera too…

After my divorce, Casey and I moved from PA to RI in 2017. We got a cute little house near the beach, which we both love!!!

Casey loved to go swimming!!



I started a dog sitting business and Casey was so great and was so welcoming to all of the new visitors.

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I was away for 4 days for business. I had 3 different people checking in on Casey while I was gone.

They all said she was doing fine.

I got home Fri at around 5 pm. Casey was very excited to see me like normal. She ate her dinner and drank her water and was acting normal.

She went outside around 11:30pm and did not come back in. I think she had a heart attack.

I am so sad. She really helped me get through all the rough times, especially the divorce.

My house is so quiet.

And if she had to go, this was the least stressful way for her to leave me. I don’t know how I would have handled having to take her to the vet and had her put down. It also doesn’t look like she suffered

We took Casey to the vet Sat morning. She will be cremated and I will sprinkle her ashes in the water where she loved to swim. I also ordered a paw print so I can make a memorial for her.

I have had dogs for the last 30 years so I am going to take a break from having my own dog for a while. Since I have the dog sitting business, that will fill my doggie fix. We will see what the future brings.

Rest in Peace Casey. You will be missed by me and everyone who met you. You will be in my heart for ever.

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