Doggy Guest #9 Elliott

Elliott was here for a 1 night trial. His mommy was nervous since it was the first time I was watching him, so she wanted to try 1 night to see how it went. It went well, so Elliott will be coming back later this month and in December as well.

Elliott is a sweet little boy. He is almost 14 but still has a lot of energy. He loves to be close and snuggle. I am looking forward to spending more time with Elliott again.

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Marley is also returning in December as well!

Also, I went to a beautiful beach in Watch Hill, RI on Saturday. The beach is 1 mile long and we walked the whole beach, up and back. Over 9000 steps! It was such a perfect day! The picture with the arrow in it is Taylor Swift’s mansion.

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We also went to a really cool car show recently as well.

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In other news, I have been talking about getting a shed ever since I moved here in May, 2017. I have been saving up the doggy money to get a shed. There is a huge tree limb, from a neighbors tree, that hangs over my yard. I live in New England and near the water. So lots of storms come up the coast and with strong winds. So the limb really needs to be taken down because, god forbid it falls, it would crush my new shed. I have a company coming out to give me a quote next week.

So once the limb is gone, then I can get a shed! I have waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

I cant believe that it’s October already!!!!

Stay tuned….

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