Doggy Guest #8 Marley

Marley is my first return guest and my longest guest as well.  3 weeks!! He leaves tomorrow and I will miss him sooo much!!!

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Marley is such a sweet and lovable dog. He loves going for walks, belly rubs and playing fetch. I am sure that I will see him again as his mommy travels a lot!

Other then Marley being here, the last 3-4 weeks, I haven’t been doing too much. I don’t like to leave the house too long when a dog is visiting. I am sacrificing my social life for these furry guests. I have now made enough money to buy a shed, which I can really use.  But due to my towns ordinances, I have to get a permit, UGH.

My next goal is to pay down my debt with any extra income. Once that is done, I can breathe a little better financially and plot my next move. Maybe some home improvements will be next on the list.

I have also been spending a lot of time with Doug. We have been having a lot of fun going antiquing, trying new restaurants, and listening to some live local music. It’s been an amazing and fast, almost, 4 months since we met.  I had to move 3 states away to find a really great guy.

It was fun but hot summer. Now Fall is around the corner. New England is beautiful in the fall. I have a really cool thing planned to do next weekend so stay tuned…

My next guest is coming for a 1 night trial next week and, if all goes well, which I know it will, they will be staying here in October for 6 days.






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