Doggy Guest #10, Baily

Here is another cutie that I got to watch for 1 night. Baily was such a sweet dog, he loved to snuggle and go outside. I like to go outside with the doggy guests but Baily learned how to use the pet door very quickly. Before I knew it, he was going out with out me, so I had to close the door for a while. Baily will be coming back in the spring for another visit.

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I did 3 really cool this this month so far as well.

One was going to Pronk! I am a band geek so this was right up my ally. Check it out….

My cousin Barbara, Doug, and I went to this and it was really worth it! It was all of our first time there and I forgot my good camera so I only have a couple of pictures. Cant wait to go again next year!

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Have you heard of Rail Biking???

I found it by searching for cool things to do in Rhode Island.

Doug and I also went with friends from my neighborhood. It was raining but we made the best of it. I don’t have a lot of pics because I didn’t want my good camera to get wet(already lost 1 good camera to water). The supplied rain ponchos and umbrellas, which we ended up using.  Definitely worth trying out.

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Doug and I also went to the John H. Chafee Nature Preserve and Rome Point. It was a beautiful and easy walk to the beach.

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Also, between experiencing these fun things and places, Doug has been really helping me around my house. He is very handy and we are getting a lot of little things done. I still need to have some tree limbs cut down, so I am getting quotes for that. Then I can get a much needed shed.

I have 2 returning doggy guests, Elliott has scheduled 2 more visits and so has Marley! So my November and December are going to be busy with doggies and more fun things planned!

Stay tuned….



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