Doggy Guest #7, Willow

This little sweetheart just spent 16 days at my Doggy B&B.

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Willow is a 7 year old poodle. He adjusted pretty quickly here. As I worked during the day, he laid right next to me, under my desk, either on his little bed or on the floor. We walked every morning and every night. He loved to cuddle on the couch and sleep in my bed.

Included In the bag of Willow’s belongings were 2 little balls, which is owner said “Willow wont play with these”. Well, let me tell you, Willow played fetch with me non stop! It was a great form of exercise.

Casey and I got very used to Willow being here and we were sorry to see him leave. I really hope Willow can come visit us again. He was a such a good boy.

Not much else to report except it was so hot the last week!! My little house gets very hot inside, especially my kitchen.  The sun pours in the one side(my kitchen), all morning and then the front of the house,(my office), all afternoon. I have a ceiling fan in the kitchen and 1 window, plus the door to go out back, a storm door/pet door for Casey to come and go to the back yard, as she pleases. That door has 2 large panes of glass. I have ordered window tint for my windows to see if that helps. It arrives next week so I will let you know what the outcome is. Its a cheaper fix then running more fans and air conditioners. I didn’t like to last electric bill!

My next scheduled reservation at the Doggy B&B is Marley. If you remember, Marley has stayed here recently and he is coming back!! My first repeat guest! Marley will be here for 3 weeks so he will be my longest guest as well.

I also now print my 2 favorite photos of the dog, during their stay, and have them framed and ready when the owners comes to pick up their dog. The last owner bought both of them! Here’s hoping that happens every time!

My goal of buying a shed by the end of the year is looking very positive!

Stay tuned….

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